Although we are considered one of the top gutter cleaning company’s, we too have to protect our homes from rain. Hurricane season and heavy rains are apart of living in Florida. It is important to protect your home by having your gutters inspected. Schedule summer gutter cleaning at least 2 times per year. All Gutter Service is here with three reasons why you need summer gutter cleaning.

Inspecting your Gutter System

If you have not been consistent with your gutter cleaning through out the year, there is a good chance water is overflowing. This can damaging your roof line and create cracks in your homes outside stucco wall. Cracks create an entry way for water but also for bugs to enter your home. Cracks in your stucco exterior wall occurs from water splash back as it falls over an upper roof-line and hits a lower secondary roof.  Proper installation would prevent splash back from occurring.

Summer’s Weather Can Be Harsh

Through out the year, especially in fall and winter, everything from leaves and pine needles to small branches and acorns begin to settle in your gutters. Now enter summer’s harsh hurricane and rainy season. The deluge of water that rolls down your roof and enters your clogged gutter system. As the water has no where to go, it spills over the edge on to your homes foundation and landscaping. Over time you will notice that the water will start to pool, eventually causing foundation cracks or shifting.

This is the time to call AGS to schedule service to clean out your guttersgo here and check it out. With in hours we will inspect your gutter system, clean out and bag all debris, adjust or fix down spouts so that water runs away from your house so you are assured your home is safe from potential damage.

Be Ready for Fall

Keeping your gutters clean in the summer is by far the best way to be ready for fall. As the leaves on the trees around your house start to change and fall from the trees. Stay on top of your homes maintenance with an AGS scheduled gutter cleaning and repairs. Unlike most companies, they have no minimum service call fees. So you only pay for the exact service you need.